Churchill Tech Park

Green & Blue Streets

Throughout the development, several streets have been indicated to include additional space for Low Impact Development (LID) approaches and additional stormwater management elements. These “green and blue streets” are designed to slow down, treat, temporarily store and convey stormwater that falls on site. Each of these streets is envisioned to have LID infrastructure at the curb (bioretention and infiltration gardens) and inlets to a vegetated swale and canal located on one side of the street. An additional 50-foot area has been added to the anticipated right-of-way width along each of these streets to accommodate these elements. In addition to performing a stormwater management function, these green and blue streets will provide a unique amenity to Churchill Park and will be emblematic of the development approach envisioned for Fairfield. They are designed to connect major open spaces and stormwater management facilities on the site, creating a network of green fingers that allow people to traverse much of the development in a nearly uninterrupted series of open spaces and pathways.