Churchill Tech Park

The Plaza

The plaza occupies the northernmost block of the central open space, and is intended to be the most intensely developed, highly used, and therefore most heavily hardscaped space. On the north end of the plaza there is hardscaped area and space designed for food trucks or other vendors at events, spilling onto a generous hardscaped area with seating and tables. The plaza is designed to contain a pavilion that can serve as the centerpiece for events within the park, and act as a stage for the adjacent lawn. The pavilion creates a central point of interest and identifiable object that signifies this area of the development and becomes a symbol of Churchill Park as a whole. Adjacent to the pavilion is a playground space, as well as a small parking lot for plaza visitors. Both streets on the north and south ends of this space are designed to be closed off during events, creating a longer continuous open space without interference from vehicular traffic. An important element to the activation of this space, along with the physical context, is deliberate programming and community events.