Churchill Tech Park

Phase 1

For the purposes of the master plan, the overall 480-acre Churchill Park site has been broken down into a “Phase 1” and “Long Term” in order to better understand near-term priorities while planning for longer-term strategies. There is not a specific time duration that corresponds to what has been identified as Phase 1 and Long Term. Instead, Phase 1 is conceptualized as the portions of the site that can be most easily accessed for development by the construction of a small handful of roadways on land owned by JEDCO. These streets are identified in the corresponding diagram as well as the current JEDCO property ownership.

  1. Churchill Parkway Extension – The existing Churchill Parkway should be extended southward through the central open space and continuing westward.
  2. High-Activity Mixed-Use Street – a second entrance should be constructed from Nicolle Blvd. south into the site. This street will relieve pressure from the existing Churchill Parkway entrance, connecting with the Churchill Parkway extension. In the future, this will become a major corridor for the development as a whole.
  3. Mixed-Use Main Street – a third entrance from Nicolle Boulevard is planned further west on land that is part of a donation contingent on the construction of a “Haul Road” in this location. By constructing a street to specifications outlined in a separate contract document, JEDCO acquires ownership of this right-of-way along with adjacent property totaling approximately 17 acres. This simple access road could be converted later to a more complete street imagined in the master plan document.
  4. East-west connector streets should be constructed as development progresses to create a robust street network allowing for appropriate pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular circulation within the development.

When all these streets are constructed, all of the parcels identified within the Phase 1 boundary will be accessible for development, regardless of current ownership. Outside of the existing JEDCO ownership will require additional storm water management ponding, as these parcels are not designed to drain to the main pond.