Churchill Tech Park

Faifield Planning Area

In August of 2015, the Regional Planning Commission and Jefferson Parish completed the Fairfield Strategic Plan, which developed a series of recommendations to manage expected growth through smart growth principles and best practices for the approximately 9,000 acre Fairfield Planning Area on the West Bank in Jefferson Parish. This represents the last large greenfield area remaining within the hurricane protection levee system. The boundaries of Fairfield mostly encompass undeveloped land, but there are also a number of existing assets, including Churchill Park, NOLA Motorsports, the TPC Louisiana golf course, a planned recreational sports complex by the Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District (LSED), and some general residential and commercial uses.

In particular, the vision for Fairfield outlined in the Strategic Plan was influential in shaping the master plan for Churchill Park. It includes the following elements:

  • A distinctive area within Jefferson Parish that embraces smart growth principles;
  • A vibrant economic engine that builds on existing recreational, business and educational amenities to attract tourists, businesses and residents;
  • High-quality development that is more livable, resilient and sustainable through the integration of green infrastructure;
  • A collection of stable mixed-use neighborhoods that accommodate a diverse residential base; Enhanced mobility through better integration of residential, institutional, recreational, commercial and other land uses; and
  • A safe and attractive gateway to the natural resources of Jefferson Parish that lie outside the hurricane protection levee.

Population projections that resulted from the Fairfield Strategic Plan are significant, with a total daily population for the Fairfield area at more than 150,000 people, with over 50,000 residents and over 100,000 employees.