Churchill Tech Park

Site and Building Info

Developed with a vision.

The Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission has long envisioned Churchill Technology & Business Park as the crown jewel in an economic development plan designed to move Jefferson Parish into the knowledge economy. This high-quality park will compete successfully for investment by prospects considering the greater New Orleans area for their regional, national or international site searches.

The Park layout and features will be flexible enough to attract and accommodate various types of facilities and industries, including:

  • Centers for technology development and learning (e.g., an incubator or academy)
  • Operations / offices of companies in traditionally less-technical industries that are leveraging technology in innovative ways (e.g., manufacturing, logistics, and service-sector companies)
  • Facility types that could range from high-end office to light manufacturing

Designed for growth.

The Churchill Technology & Business Park is situated on a 500-acre site, which can support long-term development and accommodate a wide spectrum of prospects and facilities. The Park’s size provides greater flexibility to potential tenants, both for short-term building and long term growth.

As the first new development south of the Huey P. Long Bridge, Churchill will set the trend for image and identity on the West Bank. The community has a number of attractions, including:

These, plus the expansion of the Huey P. Long Bridge will open up the West Bank to a new workforce, new possibilities and give businesses in the Park a distinct advantage.

Detailed for success.


  • Close proximity to interstates, the airport, railways and shipping
  • Access to amenities such as restaurants, hotels, recreation, and day care providers
  • Attractive surrounding land uses and a secure environment


  • High quality buildings designed to withstand weather conditions, with first floors beginning at least 14ft. above ground
  • Restrictive land-use and operating-standard covenants throughout the park
  • High parking ratios
  • New conference center


  • Wide building / street setbacks, and tree-lined or landscaped roads
  • Green space buffers between the park and surrounding developments
  • Higher-end signage at entrance and buildings
  • Walking paths, water features, or green space to create a “campus setting”


  • Strong telecommunications infrastructure, and sometimes redundant service
  • Underground utilities throughout the park

Big ideas demand creative strategies.

Jefferson Parish officials are working closely with JEDCO to develop leasing and financing strategies to help clients succeed at Churchill Technology & Business Park. From expansion rights to lease rebates based on job growth, our goal is to achieve a win-win between tenants and the Parish.

JEDCO brings a unique and valuable perspective to the strategy formulation process. We’ve helped thousands of businesses thrive in Jefferson Parish, and understand how to take advantage of both state and local incentives.

While every lease is different, you can count on negotiating a long-term ground lease with competitive rates tied to customized relocation incentives.

Call JEDCO to talk about your future at 504-875-3908