Churchill Tech Park

Target Industries

Jefferson EDGE is a long-term economic development plan for Jefferson Parish, originally completed and adopted by JEDCO in 2000 as “The Jefferson EDGE” and subsequently updated in November 2005 (post-Katrina) as “The Jefferson EDGE 2010: Road to Recovery,” then later in 2015 as “The Jefferson EDGE 2020.” The 2015 update adjusts to local, national, and international markets and is focused on responding to current regional and industry trends.

A critical task at the outset of the process was to align the goals of Jefferson EDGE 2020 with the mission and goals created by the Churchill Park stakeholders and design team. The Jefferson EDGE 2020 report discusses potential uses that relate to each target industry, not all of which fit with the vision of Churchill Park. Facilitated by the design team, the Steering and Advisory Committees participated in an exercise to identify what types of uses would both support the target industries and be appropriate for the Park. The summary of uses shown below are exemplary and demonstrative of the types of uses appropriate at Churchill Park; it is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of allowable uses.

The Jefferson EDGE 2020 document identified five targeted industry clusters, and outlines goals that both directly grow these industries as well as strengthen the cross-cutting services that are necessary to support them. The Fairfield Area and Churchill Park are noted as a physical place where both sets of goals could be addressed.